Rotation Recap: Psychiatry

During this month, I internalized one of the most powerful and profound lessons I have ever learned. My preceptor changed my opinion and preconceived notions about patients (and people in general) with one small sentence.. “Everyone is better than the worst thing they’ve ever done.”

Rotation Recap: Plastic Surgery

My experience did not disappoint and I was able to first assist a variety of procedures including 10 hour TRAM flap cases, breast reductions and augmentations, liposuction of almost every area of the body, upper and lower blepharoplasties, abdominoplasties, and countless injectables.. Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, you name it!

Rotation Recap: Pediatrics

I could tell them all about their baby’s glucuronosyltransferase activity but had no idea how many wet diapers they should be making per day! The realization that I had no idea what was normal for babies hit me hard and I spent much of my time asking my preceptor things like how to choose a baby formula or how often a 2 month old should be eating.

Rotation Recap: Inpatient Medicine

A typical day for me included rounding on the patients by myself before my preceptor arrived, writing progress notes (more on that later), and then presenting the patients with my assessment and plan. I also performed detailed H&Ps on new admits and dictated discharge summaries.

Rotation Recap: Emergency Medicine

By the third week, I was suturing and performing I&Ds solo and on my last week, my preceptor let me get a taste of being an actual provider by putting in my own orders for labs and imaging, deciding whether or not to admit my patients, and perhaps the most commonly used skill for any medical provider → charting, charting, charting. (CYA, am I right!?)

17 FAQ About PA School

To celebrate, I compiled the 17 most commonly asked questions about PA school that I received this year. I started the blog to do exactly that, spread interest in the profession, inspire others to pursue their academic dreams, and provide a resource for pre and current PA students.

How to Tackle the CASPA: Beginner's Guide

When I was in the process of applying, I felt sort of lost. There were no clear guidelines to follow or lists detailing every step of the way. Now, having crossed the stormy CASPA waters and come out on the other side as an excited, accepted PA student, I know that there is no perfect recipe for acceptance but there are certainly some key ingredients, which is the basis for this post.